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Promoting and Supporting Women going through the Menopause and Challenging current policy in Parliament

The APPG on Menopause was created by Parliamentarians to provide a platform to tackle the lack of understanding around Menopause amongst policymakers, the public and employers. The Group also provides a platform in the heart of Parliament that highlights the issues and challenges around Menopause that deserve attention, as well as acting as a forum for discussion.

Recent Activity


APPG Launches ‘Manifesto for Menopause’ on World Menopause Day 2023, calling for free NHS menopause checks for women at 40.


A year since the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Menopause launched its hard-hitting inquiry report, the Group is calling on all Political Parties to commit to the following 7 reforms ahead of the next General Election. 

An overview of APPG’s reforms includes:

  1. Menopause Health Check at 40
  2. National Formulary for HRT
  3. Incentivising GP menopause diagnosis
  4. Mandated menopause action plans in large companies
  5. Licensing of female-specific testosterone
  6. More funding for menopause research
  7. Review and improve specialist care provision

The APPG’s ‘Manifesto for Menopause’ can be read in full here

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