The Government takes on campaigns’ key ask in supporting better access to treatment for women going through the Menopause, as well as making menopause a policy priority!

Thanks to the support from so many Menopause Warriors, the core priorities within Menopause APPG Chair Carolyn Harris’ Menopause (Support and Services Bill) has now been committed to by the Government. On Friday 29th October, the Government agreed to:

  • Reducing the cost of HRT prescriptions to just one annual payment;
  • Introduce a Menopause Task Force, Co-Chaired by Carolyn Harris MP and Maria Caulfield MP, Minister for Patient Safety (Department of Health)
  • Making Menopause a priority in the upcoming Women’s Health Strategy

In addition, on Friday 29th October at 11.30am, the day of the Bill reading, TV personalities including as Davina McCall, Penny Lancaster, and Mariella Frostrup joined Carolyn Harris, Maria Caulfield and other MPs from across several political parties at a rally in Parliament Square to celebrate the outcome of the Bill reading.

A great achievement for all!